Today's children are tomorrow's leaders.


Join a commUNITY of parents committed to raising a generation to transform the world by PARENTING with PURPOSE!

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Today's Children. Tomorrow's Leaders.

Join a commUNITY of parents committed to raising a generation that will transform the world.

Meet Dr. Jea Arzberger

Dr. Jea offers decades of experience making learning a joy-filled, personally meaningful experience. Whether training leaders across the globe or teaching children, she inspires individuals to build brilliance in their lives; to live courageously, dream big, and imagine the possibilities. She possesses both a breadth and depth of experience incubating innovation to champion for children, families, and communities. Dr. Jea has proven experience:

  • Nurturing the development of leaders across the globe
  • Accelerating student achievement serving students in grades ECE through Ph.D. as a teacher and administrator
  • Leading the development of an economically integrated urban school
  • Preparing educators across the State of Colorado
  • Teaching graduate courses; including Psychology of Gifted, Talented, and Creative Children; Research in Schools; Doctoral Seminar in Research Methods; Human Learning; Children's Thinking; Social Psychology of Learning; and Advanced Psychological Foundations

Parenting with Purpose: Raising a Generation that Will Transform the World

Nurture the courage, confidence, creativity, ingenuity, wisdom, emotional intelligence, and compassion within your child today!


Cultivating connection in today’s fast-paced, ever changing world matters now more than ever. Like you, I have struggled to parent amidst the hustle and bustle of the daily routine, striving to achieve a balance between work and play while also successfully managing competing priorities. To complicate matters, the only parenting models we’ve ever seen are the ones we grew up with.  

In the moments of wanting to create calm amidst the chaos, we seek help and perspective. For me, I dove into the research: the research on child development, positive psychology, neuroscience, systems thinking, habits of mind, and high performance… I really wanted to crack this code and find out what matters most in nurturing the development of caring, compassionate, confident children. As an educator and champion for children, I have been fortunate to see hundreds of parenting styles. As a scholar and researcher, I know the four parenting styles and the one that yields the most positive behavioral outcomes for children.

I’ve packaged all of my knowledge and decades of experience into a cutting-edge program for parents. You will gain insights and expertise to do what matters most: parenting with purpose. 

Here's What You'll Get Inside the Membership:

  • Incredibly designed micro-modules containing cutting edge research and books presented in a concise format to give you detailed insights and direction.
  • Engaging activities to make learning a joy-filled, personally meaningful experience for you and your child
  • The private Building Brilliance commUNITY of like-minded parents to celebrate successes and offer support
  • New content added EVERY WEEK so you can consistently grow with guidance and lead your child with purpose.


Plus These Bonuses!!!


  • Live, monthly training and Q&A with Dr. Jea
  • Early access and discounts to all future Building Brilliance program releases and live events



One thing I know for sure... that we are all busier than we’ve ever been and life isn’t slowing down anytime soon. So, I’ve packaged this program in easy to consume, value packed micro-modules that can be consumed in 15 minutes or less each week! As well as activities to make learning a joy-filled, personally meaningful experience for you and your child.

We all need encouragement and it never hurts to have a champion in your corner, so you will also gain access to a private Building Brilliance commUNITY and live monthly training and Q&A to keep you inspired and motivated this year!

The world rewards those who are committed. The first ten people to say, “YES, Count me in!” and enroll today will receive the deepest discounts and everyone who joins the Building Brilliance commUNITY in January will be locked in to a fixed rate throughout the duration of their subscription.

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